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Coach Malaika


Hello, my name is Malaika Bagoudou. I am a Kingdom Citizen who loves God and all things regarding the Kingdom of God. I am passionate about sharing God’s word and help people understand the Kingdom. One of the principles of the Kingdom is wellness. When our spirit is well, then our soul and body follow. Spiritual wellness will help you find your gifts and purpose for your life. This channel will help you live your best life in every area of your life. I am also a Faith Mentor, Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, Nutrition consultant, wellness Chef, Hair Stylist, Skincare Formulator, and Author.


Chef Malaika


Welcome to my cooking YouTube channel dedicated to disease prevention and holistic eating! Here, My objective is to help viewers make healthy, delicious, and sustainable meals that support their overall health and well-being. I will provide delicious recipes and instructional videos featuring inexpensive ingredients and herbs that boost immunity and reduce inflammation. I will also offer educational videos discussing the importance of disease prevention and holistic eating and advice on incorporating these practices into everyday life. So, join me and learn how to prepare fantastic meals for better health and wellness! CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!

Whole Me  Skin and Hair care YouTube channel


Welcome to Whole Me! My name is Malaika, and I'm so excited you're here. Whole Me is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things hair and skincare made with edible ingredients. Whether looking for tips and tricks on how to style, nourish, and grow your Hair, the best products to use for your skin, or want to learn more about taking care of your Hair and skin holistically, Whole Me is the perfect place for you. I'm passionate about helping people feel confident in their skin, and I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. Through Whole Me, you will get all the information you need to care for your Hair and skin. I aim to provide natural, affordable, and practical solutions for your beauty needs. CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!

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