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Menopause Mastery Membership

59,99 $US


Tous les mois

Attend all the classes you wish, every month./ access to our monthly resources

Valide jusqu'à annulation

Menopause Mastery Membership

Welcome!  Thank you for joining our Menopause Mastery Network Membership Program. Your package includes: 

  1. . Education and Information: ($ 1500 value )

  • Access to articles, blog posts, and researched sources of information about menopause, its symptoms, and management options.

  • Access to guidance on hormonal changes, bone health, heart health, and other aspects of menopause.


2. Emotional Support: (100/hour value)

  • You get a safe and empathetic space to share your experiences, feelings, and concerns.


3. Lifestyle and Nutrition Guidance: ($500 value)

  • You get tips on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine to manage weight, mood, and overall well-being.

  •  Information on supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies that may help alleviate menopausal symptoms.

  • Monthly Meal Planning (a shopping  list, ingredients, directions, and nutrition value $59.99)


  • Monthly cooking class ($ 90 value)

  • Pantry makeover ($ 100/hour value)


4. Holistic Approaches: ($100 value)

  • To manage stress and improve overall health.


5. Practical Tips:($150 value)

  • Get valuable tips for handling common symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, and vaginal dryness. 

  •  Access to a Guide on skincare and haircare during menopause and   


6. Community Building:($ 200 value)

  • You have access to a Community and mutual support within the Facebook group.

  •  Access to Monthly and quarterly online events, such as webinars or Q&A sessions (one hour), featuring experts in the field.

  • One Hour of Monthly Group Coaching


Mental Health Support: ($ 80/ hour value)

  • Learn strategies for managing anxiety, depression, and mood swings during menopause.


8. Self-Care: ($90 value)

  • You will learn self-care routines and activities to enhance physical and emotional well-being during menopause.

Total  Value $2900

but for you, only $59.99 

These are what my clients have said :


"Chef Malaika helped me identify the right foods and meal plan for my thyroid disorder. Quick, healthy, whole-food meals that my entire family will eat."


_Amber Hood, Military wife and mom of 4_



Today's story concerns my beautiful client, Lira, who lost over thirty pounds in less than six months. How did this happen? Let's start from the beginning. Lira experienced weight issues for a long time, and she moved from her country four years ago and joined her husband in the United States. Due to Westernized high-caloric foods, her struggles intensified. Lira was desperate and needed help. After many bouts with yo-yo diets, she completely lost hope. Finally, she was diagnosed with uterus fibroids, which compounded the problems and worsened matters. She had limited options, so she looked for natural alternatives to get her life back. In August, Lira reached out to me and shared her health concerns. We discussed a holistic plan to combat her health challenges and restore homeostasis to the body. She was pleased and excited to start this new wellness journey. Today, I have coached Lira for five months. I've tailored her food choices, realigned her lifestyle, and added holistic supplements to revitalize her body, decrease inflammation, boost her metabolism, and bring energy back to the body. We are delighted with the results. Lira is now committed to her health and wellness journey and is excited about the overall transformation.

Click here for more on the story to see her transformation images.


"Chef Malaika's meals are the ultimate balance between simplicity and excitement. Meals that remind you of home but with unmatched flavor! She's served many events with Friends and family, and people cannot stop complimenting her recipes!


_Margeret Sullivan_


"Healthy food Has never tasted so good! There is no one dish I've from Les Graines deVie that I do not love!



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