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17 févr. 2024 - 9 mars 2024

Mastering Kitchen Basic and Meal Planning

  • 22jours
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In this four-week meal planning mini-course, Health Coach Malaika Bagoudou will guide you through the steps to create a healthy and balanced meal plan, from essential kitchen tools to organic meals that suit your needs and preferences. You will learn to assess your nutritional requirements, set realistic goals, and navigate grocery shopping effectively. Malaika will provide practical tips for meal prepping, including batch cooking and portion control, to help you save time and stay on track. She will also cover strategies for incorporating variety and diversity into your meals, ensuring you receive all the essential nutrients your body needs. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools to plan and prepare delicious, nutritious meals that support your overall health and well-being. Basic kitchen knowledge Essentials kitchen tools Pantry makeover Virtual Grocery Store Tour meal planning 101 Recipes guides Whole Food 101 Beginning to diet Decoding ingredient

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159,95 $US
Mastering Kitchen Basic and Meal Plan
159,95 $US

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Mastering  Kitchen Basic and Meal Planning

Mastering Kitchen Basic and Meal Planning

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