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Balanced Inside Out: 6-Week Gut and Hormone Health Reset Program

Jul 21, 2024 - Aug 25, 2024

  • 36Days


Are you looking to make lasting lifestyle changes to balance your hormones and lose weight? Our group coaching offers a six-week program to help you reach your health goals and balance your hormones. The program starts with an initial assessment, during which I review your medical history, lifestyle habits, and personal goals. I then work with you to develop a customized plan with specific goals and objectives. Throughout the program, I provide guidance, motivation, and support as you work to change your lifestyle. I also offer educational resources and materials to help you learn more about healthy living. Health coaches are professionals who help individuals set achievable health goals and develop action plans to meet those goals. They provide support, education, and guidance to help individuals make lifestyle changes that improve their health and well-being. As your health coach, I am determined to empower you by working collaboratively and holistically. My six-week program helps you incorporate changes in your life. Your customized program includes: * Group coaching: one-hour sessions per week *Weekly meal plans that are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare *E-mail support between sessions *Excellent handouts that will empower your *nutrition knowledge *Access to my monthly newsletter with the latest cut-edges in nutrition and my amazing recipes *Weight management *Hormone Reset *Gut Reset *Pantry Makeover *My commitment to your wellness goals. Clients Testimonies: I began using Chef Malaika’s meal plan, and after one month, I noticed significant healing and restoration in my mental and physical health. My ability to concentrate and retain information had increased, my periods returned to proper flow and frequency, and I no longer experienced night sweats or hot flashes. Thanks to the anointed work of Chef Malaika in partnership with God, I am well on my way to receiving the blessing God intended for me, as outlined in Genesis.

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Group  Coaching Program for Hormones' Balancing

Group Coaching Program for Hormones' Balancing

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